The Best Blooms for your Mother

The Best Blooms for your Mother

While many trends come and go over the years, flowers for Mother’s Day are a staple for any gifting. All flowers have special meanings, and here are our recommendations for what you should be looking at this year.


These spring blooms come in a variety of different colours - but each colour has a different meaning. Why not consider pinks for happiness and confidence, purple for royalty and elegance, or yellow for cheerful thoughts. 


Carnations are a firm favourite in any floral arrangement and bouquet, generally symbolising love and remembrance. Consider white for luck, light red for admiration, dark red for affection, or even pink for gratitude.


Prefer to gift a houseplant? The exotic style and wide range of colours mean that orchids are always popular options for gifting. Orchids are easier to look after than most people think, click here for our easy to follow guide, and remember, just because it’s stopped flowering doesn’t mean you’ve killed it!


Not just for Valentine’s Day! Pink roses are for appreciation, love, and and gratitude, or show your thanks with cream coloured roses representing thoughtfulness. Purple roses are also royal, but they’re a great way to say you value your mum’s opinion (though you may not have thought so at the time!)

Our top options

  • For tulips - go for Passion - colours may vary but freshness is guaranteed.
  • For carnations - we have a Carnation Selection, paired with gypsophila. 
  • Orchid plants are available in store and for delivery throughout the year.
  • Heaven Scent features purple roses and fragrant freesias
Not sure which one you like best? Why not pick a Florist’s Choice - we’ll prepare a beautiful arrangement with the freshest seasonal flowers based on what we’ve got in stock, just pick your preference on colours. Click here to see the options.
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