Flower Trends of Autumn 2022

Flower Trends of Autumn 2022

Looking for a present with the wow factor? Something seasonal to stand out on Instagram? Or something to simply tell another you’re thinking of them. Autumn has plenty of treats in store to make sure your gratitude and celebration is understood and enjoyed. 

As the summer fades, wildflowers will still continue to thrive and make for interesting arrangements - their wild nature makes things feel spontaneous and a little bit whimsical. 

The ongoing trend for more eco and sustainable products in all sorts of industries translates into flowers too, with more and more people keen to enjoy blooms from their doorsteps and with minimal impact on the environment. 

Much like the growing popularity of wonky veg, we expect there’ll be more movement towards wonky and organic flowers into 2023. 

Dramatic and over-sized arrangements will bring colour and happiness into any room as the nights start drawing in. Bright and clashing colours have also been very popular throughout fashion, interiors, events, and more over the summer, and we expect this to continue into the autumn. 

The past two years have been spent sitting in our living rooms, and while we return for a spot of hibernation, why not bring a reminder of the outdoors and long sunny nights with you to take the edge off of the upcoming winter months. And the rain. 

Why not hang your bouquet or arrangement in the airing cupboard too and dry it out once you’ve admired most of its colour and life - this will preserve the flowers throughout the winter and take you through until spring has sprung. Properly cared for dried flowers and last for up to a year, and sometimes longer if you’re lucky. Click here for our guide on how to dry flowers.

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