Flower of the Month: September

Flower of the Month: September

As we move away from summer, it may feel like fresh cut flowers are harder to come by, but we still see rich colours throughout the autumn and winter. If you’re born in September, or celebrating someone’s birthday or anniversary, then you can enjoy the aster and morning glory.

Asters main symbolism is for powerful love, and because of this were often even burned to ward off evil spirits from homes and other places. Of the 180 total species, only the sea aster is native to the UK, but their big colourful flowers make them a popular choice for arrangements of all sizes. 

Just as with many other flowers like roses, lilies, carnations, or gerberas, they come in a variety of different colours like reds, blues, purples, pinks, and whites. As well as love, they also symbolise elegance and faith. 

They tend to bloom all year round, but thanks to the other summer flowers dying away, they become particularly prominent in September. 

Morning glories are best, as the name suggests, in the morning - and aren’t typically a cut flower found in a bouquet. However they come in a range of colours like blues, purples and pinks. White flowers represent innocence and purity, but red signifies a strong heart.

They’re a simple symbol of affection, patience, and intimate love - as well as being the perfect gift for an 11th wedding anniversary. Their daily blooms also represent resurrection. 

The Victorians believed that the morning glories made sure babies born in September were affectionate, humble, and spontaneous.

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