Flower of the Month: October

Flower of the Month: October

As we go into October, the nights start drawing in and by the end of the month the clocks will be changing, marking the autumnal equinox. But it’s not all dark nights, rainy days, and heating bills - bringing fresh flowers to an October celebration (and beyond) will help remind us of all the colours of spring and summer and perk up any room.

But what are October’s birth flowers? 

Just like every other month, October has two birth flowers; cosmos and marigolds. Both found in bright autumnal hues, they’ll bring warmth and grandeur to any room and colour in those long, cosy nights in the living room. 

Marigolds are a common sight in most English gardens as they last right through to the first frost. They have a musky floral scent often used in perfumes. Often used in Day of the Dead celebrations, the vibrant oranges and reds get their name from ‘Mary’s Gold’ after the Virgin Mary, and because many believe the bright colours help to guide our loved ones into the afterlife. 

Not a birthday flower you may think? But if they’re a keen gardener, they’ll likely appreciate something that is as simple to look after as a marigold. In India, they’re seen as a sign of friendship, and modern interpretations see them as signs of optimism and success.

Just like a marigold, the cosmos is often found in shades of orange and red, as well as pinks, purples, and whites. 

From the Greek ‘kosmos’, these flowers represent the harmony of the world we live in, and contrasting to the marigold, its scent is sugary and sweet. It was also believed that planting cosmos in your garden would attract fairies. 

As with roses, the different colours of cosmos represent different sentiments:

  • Bright blues/purples represent wholeness and peace
  • Yellow is for friendship
  • Pinks represent affection, and specifically mother’s love
  • Red is for love and passion 
  • White represent purity and balance

Cosmos are also a firm favourite from an environmental perspective because they are vitally important for pollination throughout the summer for bees and butterflies. 

Both blooms make a fantastic addition to any arrangement, and are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face this October.

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