Flower of the Month: March

Flower of the Month: March

Spring is in the air and we’re on the way out of the last of winter - so flowers are a wonderful gift for anyone celebrating this month. March’s flowers of the month are daffodils, and more specifically, jonquils.

Not just Wales’ national flower, the daffodil is a symbol of happiness and joy, because who can resist their sunshiney yellows, bright oranges, and pure whites? They’re also great for messages of rebirth and luck, as well as vanity. Their ability to rebloom year after year also means they’re a great way to provide a message of faithfulness and for 10th wedding anniversaries.

An inexpensive way to bring a huge pop of colour, daffodils will be the perfect present for any occasion throughout the month of March. They don’t just come in yellow either - daffodils can also be found in white, orange, apricot, pink, and even lime green.

Daffodils are also known as narcissus, and the name comes from the Greek myth about the god of the same name who fell in love with himself when looking into a pool of water. He stared for so long at his reflection that eventually, he turned into a daffodil.

Just remember, they should always be gifted as a bunch of flowers because a single daffodil symbolises a stroke of bad luck.

What’s a jonquil?

A jonquil is simply a type of daffodil, just smaller. They tend to only grow to between 12 and 16 inches, and tend to have more than one flower heads at the top.

How to care for fresh cut daffodils

Fresh daffodils are easy to look after and look great in any container - even recycled jars and bottles. They need just a few centimetres of water, but make sure you change it regularly so it stays clean and fresh. 

Like with all cut flowers, make sure you cut the stems at a 45-degree angle when you change the water so they can easily drink up the fresh water.

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