Flower of the Month: June

Flower of the Month: June

Planning a bouquet for someone who has their birthday in June? Celebrating a special occasion? Why not choose one of the flowers of the month? 

June is represented by the rose and honeysuckle - both full of colour and fragrant scents, and bursting with pollen to keep those bees happy.

We all know roses symbolise love and affection, but did you know that the different colours often have different meanings?

  • Red roses: representing love and passion since the Victorian era
  • Pink roses: pastels are for sympathy, just as much as they are for joy, whereas bright pinks add enthusiasm to thank yous and celebrations
  • White roses: for purity, loyalty, and innocence, for communicating new beginnings and hope
  • Yellow roses: bringing joy to celebrations and sunshine to thank yous
  • Orange roses: also known as ‘cherry brandy’ these roses have hints of red and yellow making them the perfect multipurpose gift
  • Purple roses: signify opulence and decadence, from the colour having lengthy associations with royalty
  • Blue roses: because they do not occur in nature, these dyed roses can symbolise mystery or attaining the impossible
  • Rainbow roses: for any occasion these dyed roses have been perfected over the years where every flower is uniquely coloured

It’s worth keeping in mind that with dyed roses, their colours will fade over time, and sometimes if the rose blooms more than when it was dyed, the original white will show in its place.

Roses have existed for at least 35 million years, and the oldest living rose, growing for 1,000 years, can be found in Germany.

Honeysuckle is a garden favourite, with its name coming from Middle England and the idea that the flowers were so ripe with nectar you could suck honey from them once picked - although we don’t advise trying this at home these days! 

While it traditionally represents happiness and affection, many plant honeysuckle for nostalgia - for first loves and those who have passed. The positive energy it brings is said to also ward away negative energy and bad spirits from your home. 

Both flowers have wonderful fragrances, and make a wonderful gift for any occasion in June.

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