Flower of the Month: July

Flower of the Month: July

Planning a present or celebration for someone who has their birthday in July? Perhaps an anniversary or a special occasion? Here’s the flower of the month for July.

July is represented by the larkspur, also known as delphinium, and bloom throughout the month to bring more colour to gardens and arrangements everywhere. The delphinium is joined by the water lily as flowers of the month of July.

The larkspur looks a lot like the popular spring flower of hyacinth, because of the flowers growing like buds up a stem - and are also similar to foxgloves, only smaller. They come in a variety of colours, but are most often seen in deep blues and bright whites. 

Representing the bond of love, different colours are associated with different types of love. A rich and dark blue symbolises dignity and grace, whereas purple is for first love. White and light blue delphiniums can symbolise young love or renewed love.

Be careful gifting these to anyone with dogs and cats as the young flowers and seeds, if eaten, are poisonous. 

Native to the Amazon, water lilies were a really exciting addition to UK gardens and parks when they first arrived and are thought to symbolise rebirth and enlightenment thanks to their usage in Buddhism. They aren’t typically available to be used in bouquets, but could be substituted for other bright summer blooms such as sunflowers, dahlias, or lilies. 

And a little bit of fun for you to finish - why are water lilies the most dangerous flower to sit underneath? Because you’d be underwater!

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