Floral Trends for 2023

Floral Trends for 2023

Florals for spring? Groundbreaking. What can we expect to see this year in the world of flowers?

Fresh foliage

An easy way to bring a pop of green into any room for a low cost. Dramatic grasses and stems of leaves will soften a room, bring in a fresh scent, and complement almost any decor. You could also add a bundle of eucalyptus to your bathroom, or even hang it from your shower, to infuse the air when you’re freshening up and tingle the senses.

Dried arrangements

When you’re done with your foliage, you can dry it out and place it in another vase or a jam jar to preserve everything a little bit longer. Simply hang your leaves or flowers upside down in a dark, warm cupboard for about two weeks, and they’ll be ready to re-arrange in a new container - no need to splash out on dried flowers as well as fresh when one can do the job of both!

Low maintenance houseplants

If there’s a positive to come from lockdown, it’s the growth in popularity of houseplants - especially those that are foolproof and easy to care for. Think sansevieria (also known as mother in law’s tongue), spider plants, and pothos - it’s not all about cacti!

Viva Magenta - the colour of the year

Each year the gurus at Pantone pick their colour of the year, and for 2023 we’re all about ‘Viva Magenta’. Exactly as you’d expect, it’s a vivid pink so expect to see lots of gerberas, freesias, carnations, bright pink roses, and vivid lilies gracing many bouquets and arrangements this year. 

Rustic vibes

As we continue the trend towards slow living and sustainability, rustic arrangements will be all the rage with a mix of wildflowers with traditional blooms, multi-coloured selections and vintage vibes. Think hyacinths, chrysanthemums and more.

The Flower of the Year 2023

Like Pantone, the experts at 1800 Flowers choose a flower to represent each year, and this year it’s the orchid. 

“As we head into 2023, we strive for greater connection with others and to find deeper, more engaging relationships. One way to do that is to rally around things that bring us together. The elegant orchid is one such thing.”

“The qualities of unity, beauty, and love that the orchid embodies are much needed in today’s world, and they permeate any household that this unmistakable flower inhabits.”

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