Choosing your funeral tribute

Choosing your funeral tribute

Flowers have been used to express sympathy for hundreds of years, from early funeral processions in the 1500s being led by girls with wreaths of white flowers, through to the extravagant custom tributes we see today. Everyone has their own way of expressing their feelings and remembering their loved ones, and our team of specially trained florists will be with every step of the way. 

What sort of options are available?

  • Wreath - circular arrangements with a gap in the middle, similar to a holly wreath at Christmas
  • Posy - like a wreath, but a solid circle with no gap in the middle
  • Cushion or Pillow - square or rectangular shaped arrangements
  • Arrangements - can be in baskets or other containers, and also include extras such as candles, lights, or even belongings from your loved ones
  • Sprays and sheaves - single or double ended these typically sit on top of a coffin or grave and come in a selection of sizes
  • Tributes - custom arrangements based on their likes and hobbies, tributes we’ve made include football and rugby shirts in team colours, teddy bears, gardening and vegetables, cars, sports and more

All floral tributes and arrangements can be custom designed based on what you would prefer or what they would have liked. 

From the moment you order your funeral or sympathy flowers you can be assured that you will receive a discreet and professional service. We have worked with local funeral directors over a number of years, and so together we can ensure your and your loved one's wishes are carried out with sensitivity, care and respect.

As a final thought, when you are sending flowers to a funeral, it is vitally important to get all the details right. Please make sure you give the precise address you want the flowers delivered to, the time they need to be there by, and the full name of the deceased. If you would like to have a particular type or colour of flower, please try to give us as much notice as possible.

If you have any questions at all about sympathy flowers: colours, styles, or what’s appropriate, please don’t be afraid to ask. We are more than happy to help you select a fitting tribute.

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